Is BIXEPS safe?

BIXEPS is safe and reliable. It uses low frequency and low energy electromagnetic fields that are safe and non-ionising (100Hz-10kHz range). These signals have magnetic field strengths a thousand times less than MRI equipment, and are at levels similar to that of household appliances like hairdryers or shavers ( World Health Organization). BIXEPS devices have also been tested to international electrical safety standards (IEC 60601) and have been certified safe for use by partner hospitals.

Can I use BIXEPS if I have implants?

Users with Active Electronic Implants like Pacemakers and Defribrillators should NOT use the BIXEPS device. Modern passive implants that are non-ferromagnetic and allowably used with much more powerful magnetic medical equipment like the MRI, are safe for BIXEPS use. Some older implants are “weakly magnetic” and are safe for MRI 6 weeks after surgery ( Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education and Research). Persons with passive implants who are able to go for MRI, can use BIXEPS safely. Users who are unsure about their passive implants should consult with their doctors to see if their implants are MRI safe, before using BIXEPS.

Will I feel anything when I use BIXEPS?

Different users report having different sensations while using BIXEPS, namely: slight warmth in their muscles, a tingling sensation, slight cooling or numbness in their legs or other parts of the body. A large number of users also report having no perceivable sensation. Should you experience pain or discomfort while using BIXEPS at any time, do stop and let your trainer, caregiver or doctor know.

Is BIXEPS limited to the leg? Or can I use BIXEPS on my arm?

BIXEPS magnetic mitohormesis works by activating the mitochondria (powerhouse) in cells and hence activates cells that rely on mitochondria for energy. Any muscle group exposed to the fields is activated and will generate similar benefits. We target the upper thighs because they usually provide the greatest volume of muscle that we can "put to work" to provide the greatest benefits on our health and well-being.

Do I need to remove my clothing when using BIXEPS?

No. The fields are designed to safely and gently reach deep into your muscles to activate the mitochondria within cells. These fields are not affected by clothing and shoes.

Will my legs become larger over the 12 weeks of BIXEPS use?

No. BIXEPS magnetic mitohormesis encourages oxidative respiration in muscle, which typically makes muscles more efficient but less bulky. Because BIXEPS provides muscles with more energy, you might find yourself having more energy to train harder and longer, and experience faster recovery post-exercise as well.

So depending on the rest of your training programme, BIXEPS could enhance and amplify the outcomes of your various exercises too.

Will I get better results if I use BIXEPS more frequently?

Not necessarily. Our programmes have been developed through scientific testing and research and you should adhere to the guidelines given by your centre or doctor. Similar to physical activity, your muscles require a few days to recover. Depending on how fit you are and your existing exercise programme, we would recommend not using BIXEPS more frequently than recommended by your trainer, caregiver or doctor.

Will I continue to need to use BIXEPS after my 12 week programme?

Ideally, we want you to be fit enough at the end of the 12 weeks to transit to physical activities and other exercises. Physical exercise gets the rest of our body going and naturally makes us fitter, healthier and happier! You can continue to use BIXEPS over the long-run to accelerate your transition to a more active and healthy lifestyle. Talk to your trainer, caregiver or doctor about what might be suitable for you.

How many weeks should I use BIXEPS for?

We recommend a 12 week programme in most cases, as a minimum time period for our bodies to adjust and for the benefits of BIXEPS to build and become more obvious. (Note: Some users report improvements in fitness, endurance, pain and function much earlier but we recommend for them to complete the 12 weeks to enjoy the greater benefits that BIXEPS could bring.)

Can I replace my regular exercise programme with BIXEPS?

BIXEPS is NOT a replacement for Physical exercise. Physical exercise gets our heart pumping and our blood flowing. Endorphins are released that elevate our mood. Physical activity also improves our motor skills and strengthens the connections between our nerves and our muscle. BIXEPS is meant to provide some of the effects of exercise to those who cannot afford to exercise to accelerate their journey towards healthy and active lifestyles.