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Sit, Click and Get Fit!

BIXEPS is Safe, Simple and Easy to Use. 

Each session lasts 10 minutes, and many users see benefits with just one session each week. 

Just like exercise, our bodies take time to adapt and the benefits build over the course of our 12-week programmes.

Man using BIXEPS device
Sit, Click and Get Fit

BIXEPS User Stories

mdm chia

I heard from my friends that after 65 years of age, their physical wellness went downhill. So I started to exercise more when I hit 65 to prevent physical deterioration. 

After using BIXEPS, I find that I can walk more smoothly and more comfortably with reduced joint pains. I also believe my muscle strength has improved, as I find walking up and down stairs less strenuous than before. 

- Mdm Chia, 67
User Stories
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